Company: Zoona
Zoona provides financial services to underserved and financially excluded communities across Africa

Expert: Mike Starkenburg
• CEO, Image Metrics
• SVP, Technology, Gemstar-TV Guide


Zoona partnered with a leading technology executive to build the roadmap for hiring its first CTO
Zoona uses technology to provide financial services to underserved and financially excluded communities across Africa. Zoona has over 1.7 million active users, and its system has processed over $1.2 billion in mobile money transactions since its founding in 2009.

As Zoona scaled, its top priority was to recruit and hire the right CTO who would lead its technology growth. Zoona partnered with Rippleworks to define its hiring needs and build roadmap for hiring its first CTO.

At the start of the project I was in way over my head. After working with Mike, I was able to properly define the role to fit our need, stage, and culture, along with creating a recruitment process to maximize our chances of success.

Not only did I successfully hire a fit-to-purpose CTO, I was also able to raise the bar for all key leadership hires since. Mike even flew out to Cape Town after the project to meet with our team, and catalyzed a process that led us to create an entire product management structure

—Zoona CEO Mike Quinn

Zoona teamed with Rippleworks Expert Mike Starkenburg, who has built technology teams as the CEO or CTO of Image Metrics, Gemstar-TV Guide, and Together, they:

• Identified the right CTO profile based on company’s growth strategy, executive team, and tech roadmap
• Generated high quality leads and accelerated executive recruitment process by leveraging best practices to attract candidates
• Supported process to make hiring decision by interviewing finalists and providing the proven framework

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