Our DEIB Journey

Our DEIB North Star

We believe diversity makes us stronger, and recognize that diversity alone is not enough. Each of us must feel we belong and create brave spaces for every person to thrive. We champion belonging by embracing inclusive behaviors, equitable access, and transparency to ignite learning and growth, human connections, and systemic change. This change starts with us, in our workplace, and ripples through to our service to ventures and the social impact ecosystem.

Our DEIB journey started in 2020, and since then, our team has taken many steps to root our culture and impact in DEIB practices. We’re proud to have kept up momentum and (a conscious investment of time and budget) in our commitment to DEIB. We’ve captured all of these steps (and missteps) in our DEIB Report and distilled them into actionable DEIB toolkit to offer some inspiration and motivation for teams forging their own DEIB journey.


Key Steps in our DEIB Journey

January 2021

Rippleworks sets a company-wide objective, “We incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into our everyday work.”

October 2021

A small, self-formed working group writes a letter to the executive team expressing concern about the lack of progress and leadership support for DEIB initiatives within Rippleworks.

december 2021

The Executive Team writes a revised “Five-Year Strategy” that incorporates DEIB at every level of the organization.

february 2022

The Equity Team is formed and runs quarterly DEIB education, bringing on a DEI consultant to support their work.

March 2022

We hire a Head of People and she joins the Equity Team as the executive sponsor.

july 2022

We hire our first employee residing outside of the US, and a total of 30% of all employees hired in 2022 live and work outside of the US, including South America to Africa.

September 2022

We insitute Embracing Equity training for all new hires as part of their onboarding process in their first year of employment.


Our Equity Team closes the year with a mandate to focus on DEIB internally in 2023 as one of Rippleworks’ highest priorities. 

Our DEIB in Action


Rippleworks attracts and engages team members who bring a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We foster diverse representation and inclusive behaviors across leadership and all departments so that every team member can thrive, grow and do their best work in service of ventures.

Service to Ventures

Rippleworks ensures social ventures across the globe have equitable access to relevant, timely and high quality support and resources. Rippleworks delivers this by learning from ventures and leaders closest to the challenge, meeting them where they are, and ensuring full benefit within diverse contexts, constraints, and preferences. By intentionally hearing and incorporating the needs of historically excluded ventures and leaders into Rippleworks support, they see their needs reflected in our services and we improve service quality for all.

Social Impact

Rippleworks is a positive catalyst for change in the social impact ecosystem. By sharing what we are learning and the changes we’re making we inspire other organizations in their DEIB journeys and contribute to the dismantling of inequitable systems.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all people have equitable access to the resources and opportunities to live their lives to the fullest potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the practical support entrepreneurs and their teams need to scale faster and improve more lives.