Catalytic capital to scale ambitious social ventures


Rippleworks invests in high-growth social ventures to help scale their impact
and improve more lives.

Funding across multiple impact areas

We prioritize impact over any sector, region, or deal type

Tailored to meet the unique needs of ventures

We provide various types of debt investments and grants so ventures have the right capital required for scale

Mezzanine funding required for scale

We fill a critical funding gap, providing high-risk mezzanine funding with $1M – $3M investments

Who We Fund:

• Social ventures with proven social impact

• Ventures past product-market fit and actively scaling

• Strong CEOs and management teams

Key Funding Criteria:

• Well-defined operating plans

• Credible co-investors

• Catalytic capital that is otherwise ‘hard to find’ and has the potential to bring in additional funding

Since 2018, we’ve supported social ventures with $32M+ in flexible capital

$22M grants

$10.2M debt

$3M equity


    Healthcare | Grant
  • Babban Gona
    Agriculture | Debt
  • Educate!
    Education | Grant
  • Farmerline
    Agriculture | Debt
  • IDinsight
    Multi-Sector | Grant
  • Integrate Health
    Healthcare | Grant
  • Kiva
    Financial Inclusion | Grant
  • Medic Mobile
    Healthcare | Grant
  • Muso
    Healthcare | Grant
  • myAgro
    Agriculture | Grant
  • myAgro
    Agriculture | Debt
  • Nexleaf Analytics
    Healthcare | Loan

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