Practical support for social entrepreneurs, grounded in experience

Through Rippleworks’ short-term, high-impact projects, social ventures work closely alongside leading executives to tackle top operational challenges.

Projects last 3-4 months, and cover key operational challenges faced by scaling ventures, such as product and supply chain development, recruiting and talent management, sales and marketing strategy, or the implementation of new technology systems.

Our team, experts, and project portfolio demonstrate that our approach is well positioned to help ventures succeed in reaching the diverse communities they serve.


Each project is customized and tailored to a venture’s specific needs.

In order to ensure maximum success, we spend time with each venture to:

Assess the right fit

We will review any background materials and spend our first call better understanding your venture’s business, impact, and potential needs.

Design the project

We will work with you to understand key operational challenges to shape a well-defined project designed around your needs.

Identify the ideal expert

We will activate our networks to custom match each venture with a senior leader with deeply relevant experience.

Achieve results together

Let’s get to work! You’ll partner with the Expert and the Rippleworks team for 2-4 months to achieve tangible results.

Improving online, offline sales cycles to SMBs in Mexico

Konfio partnered with Google X’s Head of Market Strategy to build best-in-class sales cycle management as it brings more affordable working capital loans to small businesses. 

Developing a human-centered product strategy

Youth Villages partnered with Adobe’s Andrew Sandler to learn and integrate human-centered design principles into their product strategy, helping build better solutions for young people and families in the U.S.

Scaling Our Reach

Projects since we launched in 2015

Number of global challenges addressed

Total people reached by our portfolio

All Projects

  • 4G Capital
    Financial Inclusion | Technology
    Agriculture | Operations
  • Acceso
    Agriculture | Product
  • Acceso (2023)
    Agriculture | Human Capital
  • African Leadership Group
    Education | Marketing & Sales
  • African Management Initiative
    Education | Marketing & Sales
  • African Management Institute
    Education | Product
  • Afya Research Africa
    Healthcare | Marketing
  • ALA
    Education | Marketing & Sales
  • AllLife
    Financial Inclusion | Data Science
  • ALU (2016)
    Education | Marketing & Sales
  • ALU (2018)
    Education | Operations