Meet the team on a mission

Entrepreneurs are our heroes, and supporting them in their journeys is what makes us love our work. Together, we work crazy hard, have too much fun, collaborate constantly, and probably have way too many inside jokes.

Rippleworks is built on 4 core values that define our work and team.

We exist to serve social ventures.

Impact is our guiding star. Everything we do is centered on improving lives across the globe.

We know human connection is the heart and soul of our work

We lead with empathy, generosity and trust to meet people where they are, and move forward together, celebrating moments of joy along the way.

We learn from the wisdom of those closest to the challenge

Learning is a necessary mindset and skill set that deepens our understanding and ability to realize new possibilities.

We believe diversity makes us stronger

And we recognize that diversity alone is not enough. We champion belonging by embracing inclusive behaviors, equitable access, and transparency in our workplace, with our ventures, and the broader social impact ecosystem 

Want in? Join us on our mission to help social ventures scale their impact.