Meet the team on a mission

Entrepreneurs are our heroes, and supporting them in their journeys is what makes us love our work. Together, we work crazy hard, have too much fun, collaborate constantly, and probably have way too many inside jokes.

Rippleworks is built on 5 core values that define our work and team.

We exist to solve problems that matter. Everything we do is intended to unleash people’s potential to improve lives.

We put people first. We care about the people involved in our work, and take them into account in every decision we make.

We set the bar high because time is limited. We push ourselves and our partners to be relentless in doing exceptional work.

We are humble and curious, continuously striving to get smarter and better. We are always growing because we are always learning.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy moments with each other and in our work.

Want in? Join us on our mission to help social ventures scale their impact.

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