Company: Vasham
Vasham provides end-to-end business solutions to smallholder farmers in Indonesia

Expert: Subbu Allamaraju
VP Tech, Expedia
• Chief Engineer, eBay
• Senior Principal Engineer, Yahoo

Vasham partnered with a leading tech executive to create the IT roadmap to support its growth

Through Vasham’s platform, farmers access loans for crop inputs and working capital, farmer advisory information, and above-market price premiums. Vasham serves more than 3,200 farmers, who see 30% increases in revenue because of Vasham’s services.

Vasham’s top priority was building an architecture and systems roadmap for its next stage of growth, including a short-term tactical plan aligned to their business plans. Vasham partnered with Rippleworks to develop the methodology and cadence to create and iterate an IT roadmap that support its growth.

At that time, we lacked the experience of how to manage our digital journey in a proper way that could translate into business results. We were lost, to say the least.

The experience Subbu brought was very valuable – he brought all the best practices that he has developed and implemented in Expedia to us at Vasham. It allowed us to build our in-house capabilities that guided us in the right direction and has brought tremendous growth for the company and our team.

Vasham CEO Irvan Kolonas

Vasham teamed with Subbu Allamaraju (VP Technology, Expedia), who has scaled technology systems at top companies such as Expedia, eBay, and Yahoo. Together, they:

• Identified, quantified, and prioritized operational issues that drive business success
• Enabled operations and IT teams to work seamlessly by establishing cadence to prioritize and solve problems
• Coached executive team on redefining the role of IT and supporting them with learning and professional development opportunities

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