Venture: Twiga
Twiga’s mobile-based supply platform improves business and value across Kenya’s grocery value chain.

Expert: Pablo Cussatti
SVP Manufacturing, Ventura Foods
• SVP Operations, Blue Apron
• SVP Manufacturing, Pinnacle Foods
• VP Manufacturing, Pepsi


Twiga partnered with a cutting-edge supply chain expert to design its next generation supply chain strategy

Twiga’s mobile-based supply platform lowers the price of products for market vendors across Kenya by 12 percent, while providing more stable demand for products for suppliers. Twiga is now the third-largest distributor of farm products in Nairobi, with an average revenue growth of 30 percent month-over-month.

Twiga’s top priority was to design a next-generation supply chain strategy to increase the efficiency of handling products, from purchase through final delivery. Twiga partnered with Rippleworks to improve the flow of products throughout the value chain, while helping the team plan to scale its operations.

Working with Rippleworks brought in knowledge of how to build supply chains, internal cadences, and KPIs that took a start-up operation and really professionalized the team’s way of working.

We’ve seen Twiga grow several times over on the structures Rippleworks assisted us in setting up.

—Twiga founder and former-CEO Grant Brooke

Twiga teamed with Rippleworks Expert Pablo Cussatti, who has scaled supply chain strategies as the SVP Operations at Blue Apron, SVP Manufacturing at Pinnacle Foods, and VP Manufacturing at Pepsi. Together, they:

• Defined six supply chain top priority objectives using the SMART goal framework

• Created roadmap for execution with clear KPIs, prioritization, key milestones, owners, and measurable goals

• Redesigned the sourcing department by applying supply chain best practice

• Designed organization structure to ensure Twiga has the right people and structure for scale

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