Venture: TalkingPoints
TalkingPoints is an ed-tech nonprofit with a mission to drive student success through effective family-school partnerships.

Expert: Rick Levenson
CTO, Rippleworks

TalkingPoints partnered with Rippleworks to build a world-class operating model

Persistent achievement gaps leave 40 million children behind in the US education system, and 4 out of 5 of these students come from under-resourced or immigrant families. TalkingPoints is a two-way communication platform that provides real-time translation services and messaging tools to schools and families, aimed at improving parent-student communication and driving family engagement to improve student well-being. The platform offers a multilingual interface, enabling families and teachers to communicate in their preferred language, regardless of their level of proficiency. 

One of TalkingPoints top priorities going into this project was building a world-class operating model that enables the engineering team to deliver speed, quality and continued innovation.

TalkingPoints partnered with Rick Levenson, a leader in technology with extensive experience building teams and mentoring teams in the industry. Together, they:

• Redesigned their engineering org structure

• Defined a vision for innovation at the organization

• Created guilds and communities of practice to bring together engineering, product, and data teams for closer collaboration.

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