Venture: Photomath
Photomath is an app that turns a smartphone camera into a personalized math tutor.

Expert: Sylvain Grande
SVP Product, Shutterstock
• SVP Subscription Revenue, SoundCloud

Photomath partnered with a leading product executive to create a monetization strategy to power its reach
Photomath is an app that turns a smartphone camera into a personalized math tutor, allowing for personalized educational assistance to anyone in the world with a smartphone. One of the top 5 most popular educational apps in the US, Photomath has over 36 million downloads, 6.5 million monthly users and 600,000 daily active users.

Photomath scans math problems using the mobile phone camera, and it provides an instant answer and step-by-step solution, with detailed explanations for each step. Users are mostly students from 5th to 12th grade studying algebra, trigonometry and calculus.  

As Photomath continues on its mission of opening up access to high-quality math education, Photomath’s top priority was creating the foundations of a monetization strategy to drive its growth. Photomath partnered with Rippleworks to develop a strategy to analyze, test, learn and implement the right monetization model.

As we worked with Rippleworks on monetization, we realized we needed to build the foundations of data analysis, infrastructure and testing.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable guide in Sylvain resulted in setting the right priorities. Because of that we are now much better organized and ready to tackle our challenges.

Photomath CEO Damir Sabol

Photomath teamed with Rippleworks Expert Sylvain Grande, who has scaled monetization and revenue strategies as the senior product executive of companies such as Shutterstock, SoundCloud, and Nokia. Together, they:

Explored and evaluated multiple business models, including multiple SaaS models
• Identified data analysis, product prioritization, and experimentation as key team capabilities for executing monetization strategy                                                                • Confirmed tech capabilities and evaluated A/B testing tools
• Aligned product roadmap and monetization strategy and confirmed appropriate content/features for monetization
• Adapted brand values and UX to introduce new paid features

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