Venture: mPharma
mPharma delivers affordable, high-quality medicine to patients in underserved markets.

Expert: Warren McCullough
Leadership Partner for Enterprise Supply Chain
• Director, S&OP at NetApp
• Director of Materials Management at Affymetrix

mPharma partnered with a leading business process executive to create the supply chain foundation for scale

In building Africa’s first Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), mPharma partners with major pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies, financial institutions, and governments to deliver medicines directly into the hands of consumers in Nigeria, Ghana, and Zambia. mPharma has distributed over one million units of prescription drugs to more than 20,000 patients at a savings of 30 percent on existing market retail prices.

mPharma’s top priority was to upgrade its existing procurement and inventory management processes and systems as it prepared to scale from 30 hospitals to 80. mPharma partnered with Rippleworks to build a world-class supply chain strategy as it transforms medication delivery across Africa.

mPharma lives and dies on supply chain. Over 200 providers rely on mPharma to manage their drug supply chain so it was important that we had the right systems and framework to work with.

Rippleworks provided us with the right direction that put us on the trajectory to build a world class supply chain infrastructure.

— mPharma CEO Gregory Rockson

mPharma teamed with Rippleworks Expert Warren McCullough, who has led supply chain management as a senior executive at top companies including Gartner, NetApp, and Infinera. Together, they:

• Applied a Supply Chain framework to capture business objectives, and identify and prioritize key challenges
• Built and implemented a KPI foundation to manage and improve the supply chain
• Improved the cash-to-cash cycle (CCC) by applying framework to identify root causes and ideate solutions to improve key CCC metrics
• Began initial design of future state organizational structure based on best practices of supply chain functions and future vision of mPharma, including reviewing potential candidates for the Supply Chain Lead role

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