Venture: IndusOS
IndusOS bridges the language and mobile divide in India and Bangladesh through an innovative mobile operating system that provides translation, text-to-speech, and apps in 12 regional languages.

Expert: Zoher Karu
Managing Director, Data & Analytics at Citi
• Chief Data Officer, eBay
• VP Analytics, Sears


IndusOS partnered with a leading data science expert to better leverage data to increase user retention
IndusOS experienced substantial growth with 6 million users adopting the OS in India and Bangladesh in just 18 months (beating Apple’s iOS). 80% of users are using one or more regional languages, with 10 million downloads of 30k apps in its mobile marketplace.

As IndusOS scaled, its top priority was using advanced data to drive user retention. IndusOS partnered with Rippleworks to develop a user retention strategy by leveraging user data to gain deep customer insights.

Data science is a key component of our organization because we operate in an extremely fast paced environment.

Engaging and working with Rippleworks was very beneficial to us, especially when we were starting our data science journey. Working with Zoher truly set us on a path to become a data-driven organization.

—IndusOS CEO Rakesh Deshmukh

IndosOS teamed with Rippleworks Expert Zoher Karu, who has scaled data strategies as eBay’s Chief Data Officer, Sears’ VP Analytics, and Citi’s Head of Data & Analytics. Together, they:

• Verified growth strategy to identify a limited number of key drivers to focus on
• Enabled team and tech stack to personalize UX by creating an IndusOS “customer DNA” framework
• Confirmed personalization strategy with company’s first structured and statistically valid experiment

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