Venture: designs solutions focused on solving poverty and spreads human-centered design through the social sector.

Expert: Beth Steinberg
Chief People Officer, Zenefits
• SVP People, Brightroll / Yahoo!
• VP Talent, SunRun
• Head of HR, Nike
• VP Human Resources, Facebook partnered with a leading talent executive to create the strategy for recruiting top talent at scale is a non-profit design and innovation organization focused on solving challenges in poverty and spreading human-centered design through the social sector. Since 2011, has completed 64 design projects in 23 countries in sectors as varied as water and sanitation, financial opportunity, agriculture, early childhood education, and reproductive health.

As scaled its programs and teams,’s top priority was creating the strategy for successfully hiring and retaining top in competitive markets (San Francisco and New York City). partnered with Rippleworks to develop a strategy for successfully scaling talent acquisition and retention.

We continue to come back to the Employee Value Proposition we created through the RippleWorks project.

It has helped us make better decisions about what to invest in related to talent attraction and retention. And it has made us a better employer as a result.

— CEO Jocelyn Wyatt teamed with Rippleworks Expert Beth Steinberg, who has scaled talent acquisition at top tech companies, including Zenefits, Facebook, Sunrun, and Electronic Arts. Together, they:

• Created an employee value proposition based on employee interviews, values, and new benefits to offer current employees
• Created a 3-month roadmap to build, launch and livethe new employee value proposition within
• Provided recommendations to improve recruiting, sourcing, and onboarding within

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