Venture: Harambee
Harambee empowers young people in South Africa who are searching for their first job.

Expert: Christophe Job
• CTO, Verifone
• SVP Development, Oracle

Harambee partnered with a leading CTO to set its technology platform up for scale
Harambee empowers young people in South Africa who are searching for their first job and are at high risk of long-term unemployment. One out of every two young South Africans are unemployed, and Harambee has been providing pathways to sustainable employment by training over 40,000 young people and placing them into long-term employment.

Harambee’s top priority was ensuring that its technology platform was properly set up in order to support Harambee’s upcoming rapid scale and geographic expansion. Harambee partnered with Rippleworks to integrate a new technology platform and define its operating model going forward.

This engagement cut through a lot of the complexity underlying our platform to make sure we focused on the right things and the real levers of impact.

It also reinforced that success requires paying as much attention to the people as the technology.

— Harambee CEO Maryana Iskander

Harambee teamed with Rippleworks Expert Christophe Job, who has overseen complex technology platforms as the CTO of Verifone and SVP Development of Oracle. Together, they:

• Ensured a successful phased transition to the new technology platform by defining short-term plan to transition to MVP release

• Defined and began to integrate best practices of working as a platform/cloud business by defining processes, development cycle, and meeting cadences. Established JIRA as central system of record and established KPI dashboards.

• Defined future state organization structure to maintain and improve pathway platform and execute against business goals

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