Venture: Harambee
Harambee empowers young people in South Africa who are searching for their first job.

Expert: Neil Day
CTO at R-Zero
• Interim CTO, Dr. Consulta
• VP Technology, Blue Bottle Coffee 

Harambee partnered with Rippleworks to set its technology team up for scale

Harambee helps young South Africans at high risk of long-term unemployment search and find their first job. Harambee has provided pathways to sustainable employment for more than 40,000 young South Africans—one out of two of whom are unemployed across the country—by helping them find long-term employment.

Harambee’s top priority was ensuring it had the right tech capabilities and organizational structure in place to grow. Harambee partnered with Rippleworks to assess and improve their technology architecture and organizational structure, and define their technology leadership requirements.

Harambee’s engagement with Rippleworks helped us appreciate the power of simplicity in our technology architecture, our vendor landscape, and our product roadmap.

We focused on the profiles of the people we need in order to be future-fit. A big learning was while searching for those profiles, a team of people with complementary strengths can deliver on what’s needed.

The guidance and expert insights we received from Rippleworks help us every day in making better decisions.

—Harambee CIO Marzanne Collins

Harambee partnered with Rippleworks Expert Neil Day, who has built world-class technology teams as the senior engineering executive at companies including R-Zero, Dr. Consulta, Blue Bottle, Shutterfly, Sears, and Together they:

• Defined a senior technical leadership role, including creating the job description, selection criteria, and interview process

• Drafted KPIs for Harambee leadership to monitor to understand health of their technology platform

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