Venture: Drinkwell
Drinkwell provides access to affordable and clean drinking water for millions of underserved customers who live beyond the pipe in Bangladesh and India. 

Expert: Rupesh Shah
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Drinkwell partnered with Rippleworks to improve their case management process

On trips back to Bangladesh, Minhaj Chowdhury heard stories from his relatives that changed the course of his life. They were often sick. Some had skin lesions and rough patches, while others disappeared without explanation. In the 1980s, testing of local aquifers detected harmful amounts of arsenic in the groundwater, but the scale of the crisis wouldn’t be known for another decade. Chowdhury’s relatives were among the estimated 77 million Bangladeshis who had been exposed to toxic levels of arsenic from drinking water. Bangladesh was at the center of one of the largest mass poisonings in history, and for Chowdhury, it was the place to launch a technology-driven social enterprise to tackle the global water crisis.

Drinkwell’s public-private partnership provides clean drinking water for millions of people through entrepreneurship. Equipped with Drinkwell’s technology, training, and support, local entrepreneurs can deliver clean, affordable water to their communities.

One of Drinkwell’s top priorities going into this project was improving their service model to double the number of water ATMs in Bangladesh.

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