Venture: CommonLit
CommonLit’s mission is to increase the reading proficiency among underserved students globally.

Expert: Andrea Kayal
CMO at Electric
• CMO, Upserve
• CMO, Signpost

CommonLit partnered with Rippleworks to define a marketing strategy that supports U.S. schools

CommonLit is a nonprofit education technology organization dedicated to ensuring that all students, especially students in Title I schools, graduate with the reading, writing, communication, and problem-solving skills they need to be successful in college and beyond. CommonLit provides a core curriculum around reading in English and Spanish for teachers, and aligns student assessments to identify where students are struggling.

One of CommonLit’s top priorities going into the project was defining a new marketing strategy. CommonLit partnered with Rippleworks to define a marketing strategy for a package of services that supports U.S. schools and districts, and outline the organization’s necessary marketing resources and team structure.

CommonLit partnered with Andrea Kayal, a sales and marketing leader who brought decades of experience from Electric, Upserve, Signpost, and Sailthru. Together, they:

• Built an understanding of CommonLit’s current marketing and sales strategy, including their funnel, levers, and key analytics

•Created a new marketing strategy; defined KPIs; learned business intelligence tools and a tracking infrastructure; identifed effective marketing channels for CommonLit’s target audiences

• Defined the necessary resources and roles needed to implement CommonLit’s new marketing strategy

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