Venture: Avante
Avante supports Brazilian micro-entrepreneurs with payments solutions and access to micro-credit for their business.

Expert: Saurin Shah
SVP Product, Consumer at Rent The Runway
• VP Product, Rue Gilt Groupe
• VP Product, 

Avante partnered with Rippleworks to improve user activation and retention

 Avante’s mission is to be the one-stop shop for micro entrepreneurs (whose annual revenue is less than $100K). Avante’s mobile point-of-sale solution helps facilitate business and access to micro-credit. Ninety percent of Avante’s 40,000 customers are from underserved communities.

Avante’s top priority was improving user activation and retention as they scale. Avante partnered with Rippleworks to improve overall user retention and take its product teams to the next level.

Our Rippleworks experience has become a real game changer. We learned how to ask good questions, how to pull apart issues, how to construct business models, and how to build teams.

During the process we had the opportunity to learn what may be missing, and create a concrete plan to turn our weaknesses into strengths.

—Avante CEO Bernardo Bonjean

Avante partnered with Rippleworks Expert Saurin Shah, who has led product teams as an executive at Rue Gilt,, and Digital Chocolate. Together, they: 

• Leveraged a framework for hypothesis-driven experimentation and user research

• Deployed seven UX experiments and synthesized feedback on three experiments

• Defined functions of a high-performing product team and responsibilities of product managers

• Evaluated product team org structure to better enable rapid experimentation and decision making

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