Venture: Arifu
Arifu provides digital learning and information access to underserved people across Africa.

Expert: Alan Moss
VP of Advertising Sales at Amazon
• VP of Global Sales, Google
• Sr. Director, PayPal 

Arifu partnered with Rippleworks to develop a scalable sales strategy to expand their reach

Arifu is a Nairobi based social enterprise providing digital learning and information access to underserved people across sub-Saharan Africa. Arifu’s mobile chatbot and content marketplace have helped 1.2 million of Africa’s most marginalized people improve their livelihoods.

Arifu’s top priority was expanding their geographic reach to increase the number of people their technology platforms impact. Arifu partnered with Rippleworks to learn sales operations best practices while building a scalable, repeatable sales process.

Arifu partnered with Rippleworks Expert Alan Moss, who led sales operations at Amazon, Google, and Paypal. Together, they:

• Conducted customer interviews to gather feedback and better understand Arifu’s product, current approach to sales, and value proposition

• Defined a new value proposition for Arifu’s position in the financial services sector

• Created a product hierarchy and guide to clarify the difference between products and features, aligning senior management and the sales team

• Created a product matrix defining product statuses

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