Venture: Arifu
Arifu provides digital learning and information access to underserved people across Africa.

Expert: Daniel Francisco
VP of Product at ZipRecruiter
• Senior Product Manager, Google
• Senior Director of Product Management, Salesforce 

Arifu partnered with Rippleworks to create the product capabilities for scale

Arifu is a Nairobi based social enterprise providing digital learning and information access to underserved people across sub-Saharan Africa. Arifu’s mobile chatbot and content marketplace have helped 1.2 million of Africa’s most marginalized people improve their livelihoods.

Arifu’s top priority was developing an overall product strategy that enabled their team to design and execute products against a roadmap in a timely manner. Arifu partnered with Rippleworks to establish key product processes throughout the venture, from design to launch.

Our second partnership with Rippleworks enabled our new product team to craft the right tools for success, gain confidence in their approach, and spark a mindset shift that will propagate out to all teams.

It went deeper than what we set out to achieve and I can see how the results will drive generations of innovation at Arifu.

— Arifu CEO Craig Heintzman

Arifu partnered with Rippleworks Expert Daniel Francisco, a senior product leader who built products that change the way people connect and communicate at ZipRecruiter, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, RelateIQ, Linkedin, and Microsoft. Together, they:

• Defined best practices for product centric company and product teams

• Developed a product roadmap operational plan

• Outlined an end-to-end product journey and key product processes

• Aligned internal product, engineering, and business development teams on key product processes

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