Venture: LENA
LENA creates technology-enabled products that improve childhood development.

Expert: Ryan Iyengar
CRM at Helium 10
• CMO, Health IQ
• VP of Marketing, ZipRecruiter


LENA partnered with Rippleworks to improve customer conversion through targeted marketing strategies

LENA creates technology-enabled products that improve childhood development, making meaningful differences in the lives of underserved children around the world. In the United States, LENA partners primarily with programs that disproportionately serve families in need of safety net services.

LENA’s top priority was adapting and strengthening their business development approaches and capacities to resume strong growth through the pandemic, with a goal of tripling reach. LENA partnered with Rippleworks to sharpen their marketing strategy to drive better qualified leads and increase target customer conversion.

Our team partnered with Rippleworks to improve our messaging to increase lead generation and conversation rate for high-quality prospects.

The project was instrumental in refining and clarifying our brand core, but even more importantly, it shifted our team’s mindset.

We’ve adopted an experimentation process that lets us test new ideas in a much more collaborative and impactful way.

—LENA President and CEO Steve Hannon

LENA partnered with Rippleworks Expert Ryan Iyengar, a marketing leader who brought experience from Helium 10, ZipRecruiter, Health IQ, DexYP, and Konami. Together, they:

• Evaluated LENA’s current lead generation and whether it reached the right network of potential customers

• Implemented a lead generation strategy for the LENA Start program

• Learned a repeatable, product-agnostic process to understand value propositions and develop demand generation strategies

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