Venture: ALU
ALU provides world-class undergraduate education in Africa and is developing the next generation of African leaders.

Expert: Brett Browman
Head of Paid Marketing at Opendoor
• Director of Paid Marketing, Square
• Online Marketing Manager, Kabam

ALU partnered with Rippleworks to design and execute digital campaigns to reach students at scale

African Leadership University (ALU) is transforming higher education for the next generation of leaders across Africa. ALU has ambitions of reaching 3 million students in 20 years through 25 campuses across Africa.

ALU’s top priority was building digital marketing capabilities to attract interest from prospective students and power its growth. ALU partnered with Rippleworks to design and execute digital marketing campaigns to attract student interest for its upcoming application cycle, all while building digital marketing systems for scale.

The team worked on a marketing project, and they continue to implement what they learned on their own, now on a larger scale.

This sparked a growth curve in our team, and we look forward to seeing the long-term impact of that.

—ALU CEO Fred Swaniker

ALU teamed with Rippleworks Expert Brett Browman, who has led growth marketing for top Silicon Valley startups like Square and Opendoor. Together, they:

Executed digital campaigns across Google Adwords and Facebook
• Configured Google Analytics, Optimizely and other tools to track lead conversions
• Improved SEO ranking by 18% with Expert-recommend changes to ALU’s website, which informed a long-term content creation strategy
• Achieved 78% increase in applications as a result of the digital campaigns
• Set foundation for digital marketing strategy that led to hiring of CMO and rest of marketing team

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