Venture: Tienda Pago
Tienda Pago empowers small retailers in Latin America to get access to working capital.

Expert: Brad Kime
Head of Revenue at Dandy
• SVP of Revenue, Alice Financial

Tienda Pago partnered with Rippleworks to boost their reach by improve channel sales performance

Tienda Pago improves livelihoods throughout Latin America by helping small retail stores access working capital, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to such financing. Tienda Pago’s digital platform allows small retailers to finance their weekly inventory and enables a cashless payment ecosystem in the consumer goods supply chain, with customers seeing 20-30 percent increases in revenue.

Tienda Pago’s top priority was expanding their reach by implementing an improved engagement strategy. Tienda Pago partnered with Rippleworks to boost their reach by improving channel sales performance.

Our work with Rippleworks helped us to completely rethink how we deal with our Channel Partners for better and faster growth.

We loved the expertise, team engagement and commitment Ripple brought to the table. Looking forward to keep working in other projects together.

—Tienda Pago CFO Alexander Golding

Tienda Pago partnered with Rippleworks Expert Brad Kime, a revenue and operations leader who brought experience from Dandy, Alice Financial, Upserve, Signpost, LendKey, and OnDeck. Together, they:

• Tested strategies to meaningfully improve channel sales performance; aligned on success metrics

• Evaluated Tienda Pago’s current performance across key channel sales management capabilities; catalogued current challenges and prioritized Partner engagement and management; outlined a customer buyer journey to better understand customer experience

• Designed, launched, analyzed, and expanded a full channel sales pilot; prepared for an additional two future pilots to be executed after project-close

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