Venture: ARMMAN

Investment: $1M grant

Portfolio: Scaling Capital

Investment date: September 2020

Region(s) served: Asia and Pacific Islands

Sector: Healthcare

Core Impact Metric: Reduction in pregnancy-related complications

How an unrestricted grant helped ARMMAN expand to national scale

ARMMAN improves health outcomes for families in India by providing preventative care information to pregnant women and new mothers. ARMMAN’s model is based on a ‘tech plus touch’ approach: partnering with government and NGOs, in addition to utilizing direct-to-patient mobile technology. 

Why Rippleworks Invested

ARMMAN has reached more than 25 million women and trained more than 200,000 health workers since their founding in 2008. A randomized control trial (RCT) observed that 96% of women receiving ARMMAN’s information sought treatment for complications during their pregnancy, compared to only 72% of women in a baseline study. And pregnancy-related complications were 31% lower for women served by ARMMAN.

ARMMAN provides the most widely-used mhealth tool in India, and has  a significant opportunity to scale rapidly between 2020 and 2025 due to a government request to scale their services nationally. 

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