Venture: ARMMAN
ARMMAN trains health workers and improves information access for pregnant women and mothers in India.

Expert: Stephany Zoo
CMO at Exante
• Executive Director, PhoenixRisen
• Head of Marketing, AZA 

ARMMAN partnered with Rippleworks to create a positioning strategy that increases global brand awareness

ARMMAN improves family health outcomes in India by training health workers and improving information access for pregnant women and mothers. It uses a ‘tech plus touch’ approach: partnering with government and NGO networks of health workers as well as utilizing direct-to-patient mobile technology.

ARMMAN’s top priority was growing its reach within global and domestic philanthropic funding communities. ARMMAN partnered with Rippleworks to increase their global brand awareness by implementing a new positioning strategy.

The team worked on the Marketing and Communication Strategy to enhance our visibility.

The infectious enthusiasm and energy of the expert and Rippleworks project team transformed the project beyond a learning opportunity into a powerful shared team experience.

The increased visibility due to the project will enable us to raise critical funds to reach the ambitious scale planned in the next 5 years.

—ARMMAN CEO Ramesh Padmanabhan

ARMMAN partnered with Rippleworks Expert Stephany Zoo, a World Economic Forum Advisory Council Member and strategic marketing leader with experience founding ventures and building marketing teams at Exante, PhoenixRisen, AZA, SheLovesTech, and Duma Works. Together they:

• Conducted a gap analysis to identify key opportunities to improve positioning and key messaging

• Designed customer personas for priority donor segments

• Learned and applied the brand pyramid framework and the content pillar framework

• Created key messaging for prioritized content (newsletter, LinkedIn, email, and a pitch deck)

• Defined KPIs to evaluate the success of ARMMAN’s positioning

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