Venture: Zvandiri
Zvandiri connects children and young people living with HIV with peer counsellors to assure health, happiness and hope.

Expert: Dawn Sharifan
Board Member, UC Riverside

Zvandiri partnered with Rippleworks to redesign their organizational structure to support a growing focus on technical assistance

Zvandiri connects young people living with HIV with trained, mentored peer counselors known as Community Adolescent Treatments Supporters (CATS) and Young Mentor Mothers (YMMs) who support these youth to survive and thrive. Zvandiri’s approach is effective, evidence-based, innovative, and ensures sustainable impact. Zvandiri began in Zimbabwe and has been adopted and scaled in 10 other countries with 3,000 CATS supporting 92,000 young people. Zvandiri’s vision is to expand the model to 20 countries by 2030 to deliver its programming to 1 million young people living with HIV.

One of Zvandiri’s top priorities going into this project was to develop the organizational design plan for the team to achieve this expanded vision.

Zvandiri partnered with Dawn Sharifan, an executive consultant with experience building, coaching and advising and globally distributed teams. Together, they:

• Defined organization’s North Star and strategic framework.

• Instilled confidence in new strategy across organization through a change management plan.

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