Venture: Viamo
Viamo uses simple, low-cost technology to collect and provide public service data.

Expert: Page Crahan
Head Product and Market Strategy of Product Management at Google X
• Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Clarus Power
• Director of Retail Sales, Sunrun

Viamo partnered with Rippleworks to prepare company leaders to launch, manage, and measure country-specific sales operations

Viamo is a global social enterprise that uses simple, low-cost technology to collect and provide public service data—serving large organizations including UNICEF, UNDP, and Oxfam. Today, Viamo is used by more than 500 businesses, government departments, social institutions, and NGOs to improve the lives of millions of people in more than 20 countries across Africa and Asia.

Viamo’s top priority was doubling their geographic reach by giving company leaders the tools needed to launch effective sales processes and manage sales performance. Viamo partnered with Rippleworks to prepare company leaders for launching, managing, and measuring country-specific sales operations with repeatable sales processes. 

We approached Rippleworks at the time when we struggled to grow a new business development team that wasn’t dependent on Viamo’s founders.

With the help of Rippleworks’ advisors, we created a scalable and repeatable sales process, and we trained our sales staff and sales managers in this recipe for success.

Today, we are operating impactful sales centers in 25 countries, and we’re on our way to open 25 more!

—Viamo co-founder Louis Dorval

Viamo partnered with Rippleworks Expert Page Crahan, a sales leader who built teams and strategy at Google x, Clarus Power, and Sunrun. Together, they:

• Learned best practices for a repeatable sales process; developed Viamo’s value proposition; developed recommendations for implementation across the Viamo

• Built a customer journey map, a sales conversion funnel framework, and a template for a sales action plan

• Built the outline of a repeatable sales process handbook; defined ongoing implementation and a training plan

• Defined key leading indicators and supporting metrics to track; learned best practices for product pricing and building a compensation structure

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