Venture: Turaco
Turaco provides affordable health insurance and ‘hospital cash’ to low-income communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Expert: Alok Bhanot
Founder & CEO at Qopper Inc.
• Executive VP & CTO, Verifone
• VP, PayPal 

Turaco partnered with Rippleworks to create the plan for hiring a world-class technology leader

Turaco provides simple, affordable health insurance and novel ‘hospital cash’ to low-income people in Sub-Saharan Africa, helping families protect themselves from being pushed into poverty by medical shocks. Turaco currently has over 55,000 active users in Kenya and Uganda, with a 25 year goal of reaching 1 billion across the globe.

Turaco’s top priority was building their technology team and systems as they worked to meet growing demand. Turaco partnered with Rippleworks to define and attract a world class technology leader to help them scale with in-house technology control.

Rippleworks helped us figure out the what/how/who of our Head of Engineering recruitment.

As a non-technical founder this was a huge help.

—Turaco co-founder and CEO Ted Pantone

Turaco partnered with Rippleworks Expert Alok Bhanot, a global technology executive who built products, platforms, and teams at Qopper, Verifone, Inkiru, PayPal, eBay, and Visa. Together, they:

• Built an understanding of Turaco’s current and future technical needs as well as organizational capabilities

• Defined the profile of the ideal candidate and created a CTO job description to attract the right person

• Learned systems and processes for evaluating and selecting CTO candidates; built an interviewing workflow with technical interview criteria

• Conducted a full candidate search, including technical and cultural fit interviews in preparation for final interviews

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