Venture: SIRUM
SIRUM saves lives by connecting organizations with surplus medications to patients in need.

Expert: Peter Longo
CRO at Sirono
• VP of Sales, Allscripts
• VP, McKesson


SIRUM partnered with Rippleworks to begin building its sales and partnerships hiring

SIRUM saves lives by connecting surplus medications to patients in need. As the largest medicine redistribution program in the U.S., SIRUM is addressing the annual $5-11 billion of unexpired, unused medicine by building a financially sustainable prescription medicine redistribution program that serves a key need for low-income patients who otherwise can’t afford their medications.

One of SIRUM’s top priorites going into the project was diversifying their donor pipeline to create a more consistent and stable supply of drugs. SIRUM partnered with Rippleworks to create a profile and onboarding plan for hiring their first sales representative.

Our Rippleworks project has been catalytic in our transition from founder sales to a formal sales team.

In a matter of months, we were able to integrate detailed processes and learnings developed through years of experience from a seasoned healthcare sales expert.

Not only will the project outcomes carry us forward for years to come, but we were also fortunate enough to have our expert join us as an ongoing advisor! 

—George Wang, PhD; Cofounder of SIRUM

SIRUM partnered with Rippleworks Expert Peter Longo, who advises Blue Spark Technologies and has led sales operations at Allscripts, Solve Healthcare, and Sirono. Together, they:

• Scoped and created an Enterprise Sales Manager job description, including salary and commission range

• Created a sales onboarding program designed to help the Enterprise Sales Manager hit the ground running

• Created a Salesforce onboarding playbook that captures how to maximize results

• Learned best practices for selling at each stage using an ROI tool and evaluating success in the Enterprise Sales Manager role

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