Venture: Saha Global
Saha Global helps women in Ghana start their own businesses delivering a unique, cost-effective water treatment technology to families beyond the reach of drinking water

Expert: DyShaun Muhammad
Partner and Consultant, Jasper+Black Inc.

Saha Global partnered with Rippleworks to build a brand architecture for products and product features.

Over 800,000 people in Ghana’s Northern Region lack access to safe drinking water. Rural villages in this area rely on rainwater runoff which can be severely contaminated with bacteria and put villagers, especially children, at risk for waterborne diseases. Since 2008, Saha Global has connected the poorest, most remote communities to simple, cost-effective water treatment technology so that families beyond the reach of costly solutions can access clean drinking water. The organization also trains women to sustain these small water treatment businesses, giving them and their families supplemental income.

One of Saha Global’s top priorities going into this project was scaling their business model nationally.

Saha Global partnered with DyShaun Muhammad, an entrepreneurial leader and global marketer with experience merging traditional and digital channels to deliver results in tech marketplace, consumer products, and retail categories. Together, they:

• Built an improved brand architecture.

• Developed new product terminology and a business glossary.

• Established metrics and KPIs to measure success of new brand architecture and terminology.

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