Venture: PEAS
PEAS expands access to sustainably delivered quality secondary education across Africa.

Expert: Denise Dettore
VP of Human Resources at BeiGene
• Senior Director, Jazz Pharmaceuticals
• Director of HR, Electronic Arts 

PEAS partnered with Rippleworks to build a mission-driven People and Culture charter

PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) is a growing network of secondary schools transforming lives through expanding access to sustainably delivered quality secondary education across Africa. PEAS builds its schools in the poorest areas and keeps fees low to encourage the poorest students to attend.

PEAS’ top priority was aligning staff within the scope of their mission, vision and values. PEAS partnered with Rippleworks to craft a People and Culture charter based on employee feedback and organizational needs.

PEAS partnered with Rippleworks Expert Denise Dettore, who led People operations at HP, Electronic Arts, Genentech, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and BioGene. Together, they:

• Defined three initiatives—learning and development, leadership and management, and internal communications—for PEAS to build in response to feedback from country offices and headquarters

• Discussed best practices and defined a Learning & Development strategy; defined and prioritized content topics for Leadership & Management training curriculum

• Created reference guide of HR materials per employee lifecycle stage
Defined ideal behaviors to evaluate line managers

• Discussed best practices of comms strategy and messaging frameworks

• Defined a communications plan to support three initiatives to bring to life the People and Culture Charter

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