Venture: Pandawa Agri Indonesia
Pandawa Agri Indonesia is committed to helping agricultural businesses create practices that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe for users, and also cost-effective.

Expert: DyShaun Muhammad
Chief Marketing Officer, Salad and Go
• Global Head of Brand Marketing, UberEats
• Senior Vice President, Epsilon

Pandawa Agri Indonesia partnered with Rippleworks to create an authentic brand identity and messaging

Pandawa Agri Indonesia (PAI) develops pesticide-reductant products that can help farmers, plantation, and industrial forest businesses improve their agricultural practices by reducing pesticide use by up to 50%. They currently work with 25 multinational plantations and reduce pesticide exposure for 10,000 workers on 1.2 million hectares of land.

One of PAI’s top priorities going into the project was creating a new brand identity that reflected the company’s expanded product offering and targeted a new audience of small-scale farmers.

The first couple of meetings with DyShaun helped us build the conditions we needed to build a brand. A clear brand architecture will give all of PAI’s brands the correct identity and make customer acquisition more focused and efficient.

We now have a strong brand identity that will feed into everything else.

—PAI Head of Creative Strategy Anindya YH

PAI partnered with DyShaun Muhammad, a global marketing executive and brand builder with over 20+ years of leadership in the consumer goods and technology sectors. Together, they:

• Developed brand architecture that incorporated PAI’s expanded product offering

• Updated company and product brand guidelines

• Aligned the team to brand governance and management

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