Venture: Medic
Medic Mobile builds mobile technology to improve health and save lives

Expert: Art Clarke
Engineering, Apple
• Chief Product Officer, Lattice
• Product, Palantir Technologies

Medic partnered with a leading product executive to ensure product quality through world-class feedback tracking

Medic builds mobile technology to improve health and save lives in hard to reach communities around the world. Medic’s tools support more than 24,000 health workers, and has helped increase childhood vaccination coverage from 66 percent to 97 percent at a clinic in peri-urban India and doubled the number of patients treated in a Tuberculosis program in rural Malawi.

Medic’s top priority was to ensuring the adoption and evolution of its product by properly handling issues and product feedback. Medic partnered with Rippleworks to design a product and issue tracking system that enables Medic Mobile to manage all interaction with its network of health workers and partners.

Our engagement with Art was helpful on many levels. He brought so much to the table—useful frameworks, a focus on outcomes, and deep experience.

We delivered tangible, reusable process improvements that have helped us scale support systems for health workers around the world.

Medic CEO Josh Nesbit

Medic partnered with Rippleworks Expert Art Clarke, who led product and engineering teams at top companies including Apple, Lattice, and Palantir. Together, they:

• Conducted a cross-organizational assessment of Medic’s systems, including its current support system, product management & development process, and customer support                                                                                                      

• Conducted in-depth interviews with seven Medic team members across the organization to better understand pain points and priorities

• Began executing on four key recommendations on tooling and process to help scale for the future                                                                                                              

• Closed out 200+ support tickets and began giving community more visibility into key support metrics

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