Venture: Maliasili
Maliasili delivers customized, multi-year organizational development support to the best conservation organizations in Africa.

Expert: Brad Magrath
Director at Zoona

Maliasili partnered with Rippleworks to design an organization structure for scale

Maliasili curates a portfolio of the best African conservation organizations and delivers customized, multi-year organizational development support—from strategy and design to communications and fundraising—to improve performance and accelerate conservation impact on the ground.

Maliasili’s top priority was scaling up their reach and scope of service delivery. Maliasili partnered with Rippleworks to define new and revised norms and ways of working to maintain and build their culture.

Our time with Rippleworks provided the space and structure for us to stop and think about what our team needed to change in order to support our ongoing growth—going beyond thinking about our organizational structure to really interrogating the behaviors and attitudes—and ultimately the organizational culture—that we want to cultivate as we grow and change.

We’ve changed the way we both think about and make decisions across our team—and are fostering a new awareness of how decisions get made and how authority and responsibility is exercised across our team. 

—Maliasili CEO Fred Nelson

Maliasili partnered with Rippleworks Expert Brad Magrath, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at ALX and the Room as well as the co-Founder and former CEO of pan-African fintech Zoona. Together, they:

• Defined new/revised norms and ways of working to maintain and build Maliasili’s culture; built alignment around their future state 

•Developed and aligned team around a new decision making framework

• Built a future state miro board, decision making framework, decision making best practices, and a behavior change framework

• Learned to leverage Maliasili’s org structure to deliver on their 2-year strategy

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