Venture: Maisha Meds
Maisha Meds improves access to affordable, high-quality medicines in East Africa.

Expert: Adam Van Cleeff
VP of Customer Success at Fullscript
• Senior Support Lead, Shopify
• Mobile Deployment Lead, The Ottowa Hospital

Maisha Meds partnered with Rippleworks to build customer support systems that help their pharmacy partners thrive

Maisha Meds is a technology enabled healthcare company with the goal of improving access to affordable and high-quality medicines. Their point of sale and reordering technologies are brokering relationships with trusted suppliers and manufacturers to ensure pharmacies across East Africa are able to access and restock lifesaving medicines.

One of Maisha Meds’ top priorities going into the project was driving down operating costs by streamlining their customer support process. Maisha Meds partnered with Rippleworks to develop the customer support processes that enable better retention and usage among their pharmacy customers.

Maisha Meds partnered with Adam Van Cleeff, a customer success leader who brought experience from Fullscript, Shopify, and The Ottowa Hospital. Together, they:

• Designed and executed an A/B test for improving retention and driving economies of scale in customer engagement

• Developed a ‘voice of the customer’ communications framework to help senior leadership make decisions based directly on customer needs

• Redefined customer engagement categories and dashboard to better understand the levers for retention

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