Venture: LIFT
LIFT is dedicated to working with low-income families to design solutions to end intergenerational poverty by providing integrated financial, educational, and employment coaching along with direct cash payments to meet basic needs and work toward long-term aspirations.

Expert: Amanda O’Donnell
Virtual Site Director, Break Through Tech
• Advisory Board Member, Harmony Labs
• Vice Chair Board of Directors, Mouse

LIFT partnered with Rippleworks to redefine their budgeting and forecasting processes.

Poverty, like wealth, is passed down from generation to generation. LIFT’s mission is to break that cycle by investing in parents to build families’ well-being, financial strength, and social connections to life two generations at once. Their work is an investment in hope, money, and love. LIFT’s trained coaches partner with parents to build their well-being, financial strength, and social connection so that they can achieve economic stability and mobility.

One of LIFT’s top priorities going into this project was to redesign their budgeting and forecasting process to facilitate decisions and collaboration throughout the organization.

LIFT partnered with Amanda O’Donnell, a FinOps and Strategy expert with experience helping innovative, mission-driven organizations build capacity and increase impact. Together, they:

• Revised LIFT’s shared services cost allocation model for their strategic plan.

• Prepared for budget forecasting models through budget prioritization exercises.

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