Venture: Letrus
Letrus is a Brazil-based edtech literacy platform that serves as a curriculum solution for more than 60,000 secondary school students.

Expert: David Good
Product Lead, Post-Program Support, Lighthouse Labs
• Product Consultant, Good Consulting
• Product Lead, UpSmith

Letrus partnered with Rippleworks to improve the user experience of students and teachers to drive Letrus’ new product-led growth strategy

Letrus believes that literacy is the foundation of any healthy and just society. The company is working to achieve universal literacy in Brazil through the application of AI and education technology. Letrus’ program offers students and teachers comprehensive guidance to faster and deeper learning. Powered by hardcore technology and data intelligence, Letrus’ in-school program aims to solve the literacy gap in Brazil. 

One of Letrus’ top priorities going into this project was demonstrating the value of its product to a larger audience of potential users and government clients.

Letrus partnered with David Goode, an experienced product leader with over 15 years of experience driving results in the education space. Together, they:

• Reviewed the current user experience design for contest pilot

• Obtained feedback on the user experience

• Used feedback and lessons learned to inform product-led strategy adjustments

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