Venture: Kinedu
Kinedu helps parents with creative and age-appropriate activities that support baby’s development from pregnancy to 4 years old.

Expert: Daniel Riaz
CEO at Trend Up Digital
• Head of Mobile Acquisition, Lyft
• Growth Hacker in Residence, 500 Startups 

Kinedu partnered with Rippleworks to optimize their online marketing capabilities

Kinedu helps parents better understand early childhood development and encourage their babies’ development through play-based activities. Their online platform provides content and light assessments to encourage child development at a fraction of the cost of in-person developmental assessment providers.

Kinedu’s top priority was identifying effective marketing channels for customer acquisition in order to drive down costs and reach more parents. Kinedu partnered with Rippleworks to optimize their online marketing campaigns.

Working with Rippleworks has been a great experience. Daniel was genuinely interested and fully immersed in the project.

With his initial deep-dive into our data, he quickly understood the core of our business and the challenges we were facing, and became part of the team, contributing ideas, since early in the project.

His recommendations and outside experience brought a fresh perspective to how we should tackle our challenges, and as a company, we are starting to see the impact.

—Kinedu Business Operations Coordinator Andres Sada

Kinedu partnered with Rippleworks Expert Daniel Riaz, a leading media technologist who headed teams and marketing initiatives at Trend Up Digital, Lyft, 500 Startups, Zynga, and Ubisoft. Together they:

• Assessed the current Kinedu iOS and aOS product strategy; assessed Kinedu’s current customer acquisition strategy and historical results

Defined a framework for running successful marketing experiments

Created, tested, and iterated through modifications for a marketing campaign experiment

Designed and began to implement Kinedu’s 2.0 acquisition strategy across multiple channels (existing and new)

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