Venture: Kheyti
Kheyti helps smallholder farmers in India battle income variability through their “Greenhouse-in-a-Box” model.

Expert: Michael Starkenburg
CPO and SVP of Technology at Zocdoc
• CEO, Image Metrics
• SVP of Technology, TiVo

Kheyti partnered with Rippleworks to create a product roadmap for their coming years of growth

Kheyti helps smallholder farmers in India battle income variability with their “Greenhouse-in-a-Box,” a low-cost greenhouse bundled with end-to-end services. They design, adapt, and implement low-cost farming solutions that help smallholder farmers increase yields and incomes.

One of Kheyti’s top priorities going into the project was increasing their frontline staff-to-farmer ratio. Kheyti partnered with Rippleworks to create a three-year product roadmap, helping their team develop and adopt new technologies to serve more farmers.

Kheyti partnered with Michael Starkenberg, a product and technology leader who built teams into world-class organizations at Zocdoc, Image Metrics, TiVo, and elsewhere. Together, they:

• Focused Kheyti’s tech efforts on a handful of initiatives to drive short-term growth and long-term impact

• Gained clarity on Kheyti’s tech and product team needs, what to buy versus build, and their critical upcoming hires

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