Venture: Kasha
Kasha is increasing access to contraceptives and decreasing maternal and neonatal death rates, poverty, and HIV Infection rates in East Africa.

Expert: Tamara Mendelsohn
CMO at Eventbrite

Kasha partnered with Rippleworks to define their brand identity and develop a strategy around it

Kasha helps women in East Africa access necessary life-saving contraceptives and other sexual health products. Using Kasha’s mobile commerce platform, women can order and pay for contraceptives, menstrual care products, and other items they need and receive them affordably, confidentially, and safely. Kasha served more than 100 thousand women with their products in 2020.

Kasha’s top priority was improving their brand awareness in their markets in order to drive more repeat customers, increase referrals, and open up new B2B opportunities. Kasha partnered with Rippleworks to define their brand identity and develop a unified brand strategy.

Kasha partnered with Rippleworks Expert Tamara Mendelsohn, a marketing leader who’s spent a decade leading marketing at Eventbrite. Together they:

• ​​Defined Kasha’s priority customers through data analysis, customer interviews, and internal team roundtables

• ​​Identified key customers and themes across Kasha’s countries and teams

• ​​Crafted an updated brand identity including brand pyramid, personality, and positioning statement

• ​​Developed plans for a brand asset audit and brand roll out including team-wide brand workshops

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