Venture: Jiro-Ve
Jiro-Ve provides affordable, clean, and healthy lighting to marginalized communities in Madagascar.

Expert: Alex Hagelin
Senior Manager of Operations Strategy at Lyft
• Head of Global Product Operations, Uber
• Global Logistics Director, One Acre Fund

Jiro-Ve partnered with Rippleworks to improve the way they track and manage their inventory of solar lights

Jiro-Ve’s innovative, inclusive micro franchise model provides affordable, clean, and healthy lighting for marginalized communities in Madagascar. They reach people through a network of entrepreneurs serving both rural areas and urban neighborhoods.

One of Jiro-Ve’s top priorities going into the project was improving their knowledge of their inventory of lights. Jiro-Ve partnered with Rippleworks to create processes and tools to better control the growing complexity of their inventory management system.

This collaboration resulted in successfully sourcing and implementing our own ERP system which currently serves as the basis for scaling our operations and impact.

The Ripplework team brought expertise and worked alongside with us non-stop, which is how we over-delivered from what was originally planned for together.

—Jiro-Ve co-founder Rik Stamhuis

Jiro-Ve partnered with Alex Hagelin, an operations expert with deep social impact experience who led teams and organizations at Lyft, Uber, and One Acre Fund. Together they:

• Defined the key requirements for a new inventory system; selected a backend system provider for inventory management

• Defined inventory processes that create dependable data for Jiro-Ve’s backend system

• Defined inventory KPIs and aligned Jiro-Ve’s team around them; wrote a training guide for basic inventory management and best practices in system maintenance/improvement

• Built a new organization chart for Jiro-Ve’s logistics team

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