Venture: Jibu
Jibu creates lasting, equitable access to affordable drinking water.

Expert: Radhika Malpani
Founder of Google Images

Jibu partnered with Rippleworks to improve their customer service and reporting capabilities

Jibu creates lasting, equitable access to affordable drinking water across Africa by capitalizing and equipping emerging market entrepreneurs to serve their communities. Jibu serves thousands of customers daily in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia.

Jibu’s top priority was providing tools to help their franchises succeed and deliver excellent customer service while gathering data needed to improve company-wide strategy, performance, and scale. Jibu partnered with Rippleworks to learn user-centered design best practices, build prioritized workflows, and establish a reporting framework that supports their franchise network.

The partner that Rippleworks paired us with was truly one of the world’s top experts for the challenge we faced. Rippleworks also managed the project efficiently and productively.

The outcome has revolutionized the Jibu network’s ability to serve hundreds of thousands of customers.

Working with Rippleworks was a timely godsend for us.

—Jibu CEO Galen Welsch

Jibu partnered with Rippleworks Expert Radhika Malpani, a product leader and founder of Google Images. Together, they:

• Designed a repeatable process for understanding Jibu’s franchisee and corporate needs

• Adopted a user-first mindset by shadowing, listening to, and learning from franchisees to gain deep user empathy, better understanding their problems and the outcomes they seek

• Defined workflow requirements to best meet the needs of Jibu users; developed and alpha tested a workflow MVP; delivered finalized workflow to external vendor for implementation

• Outlined reports to support business decision-making for franchises and leadership

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