Venture: Jacaranda Health
Jacaranda equitably improves the quality of care for mothers and newborns across East Africa.

Expert: Dominique Ng 
Director, Head of Verified Listings at Airbnb
• Head of Product, Shopkick
• Business Designer, IDEO

Jacaranda Health partnered with Rippleworks to better engage mothers who use their app

 Jacaranda Health addresses gaps in the availability of accessible, scalable, and affordable high-quality maternal care. Jacaranda runs a training hospital in Kenya to provide maternal care, and helps transfer their best practices to nurses in more than 70 public sector hospitals across five countries.

One of Jacaranda’s top priorities going into the project was better engaging mothers who use their PROMPTS platform. Jacaranda partnered with Rippleworks to develop an understanding of the end-to-end customer journey mothers take when using PROMPTS.

This project was a transformative experience for us in terms of how to think through understanding our users and designing with them in mind!

We left the project with the right mindset and clarity on the undertakings needed to make sure that we continue to make our programs user centered.

—Jacaranda Health Program Manager Sieglinder Mghenyi

Jacaranda partnered with Rippleworks Expert Dominique Ng, a product executive who led and worked on teams at Airbnb, Shopkick, IDEO, and Intuit. Together they:

• Built a framework to map user journeys (story frames) and uncover insights

• Developed and ran quantitative and qualitative user surveys

• Developed and prioritized experimentation opportunity areas and accompanying experiments

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