Venture: iProcure
iProcure enables the effective delivery of agricultural inputs to rural communities in East Africa.

Expert: Kaela Doss
Consultant and Coach at Zakem Coaching + Consulting
• Sr. Director & Head of Enterprise Customer Success, Yelp

iProcure partnered with Rippleworks to build a new customer support team

iProcure enables the effective delivery of agricultural inputs to rural communities facing severe financial and logistical challenges in East Africa. iProcure has built a sophisticated and proprietary technology platform that helps distributors who sell agriculture inputs to its agro-dealer network efficiently track their supply chains, ensuring agro-dealers always have the products farmers need to plant and profit from their farms. 

iProcure’s top priority was supporting the users of a new point-of-sale service that helps agro-dealers manage cash and inventory. iProcure partnered with Rippleworks to create a customer support team that would help drive usage, experiment with new solutions, and build greater trust with agro-dealer customers.

The time spent with Rippleworks helped put some structure around our very ambitious plans to roll out our Mobile Retail Management systems with our Agrodealers (customers).

The work dug into the processes, people and structures we needed to put in place in order to accelerate user acceptance and system deployment.

We are now successfully deploying at a rate that is 3x higher than before we kicked off the project and have also significantly improved our user retention rate.

—iProcure Managing Director Stefano Carcoforo

iProcure partnered with Rippleworks Expert Kaela Doss, a customer success leader who brought more than a decade of experience as a consultant and executive at Yelp.  Together they:

• Set up a new customer support team

• Defined iProcure’s customer journey

• Created basic operational workflows for the new support team; defined competencies, roles to hire, and KPIs

• Developed guidance on how to manage customer support through iProcure’s partners

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