Inkomoko works with micro and small entrepreneurs, including refugees, to create jobs, improve livelihoods, and develop thriving communities across Africa.

Expert: Kathy Liu Silverman
VP Data & Analytics, Solv.
• Senior Director Strategy & Analytics, Zillow Group

Inkomoko partnered with Rippleworks to design a process and system to collect and leverage customer data.

Inkomoko supports entrepreneurs with micro and small enterprises, including refugee entrepreneurs across East Africa. Inkomoko helps these enterprises acquire skills, gain access to finance, and operate in integrated markets with inclusive economic policies, so that communities will thrive. They have supported more than 40,000 entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda and have made almost $8M in investments through ~8000 investments.

One of Inkomoko’s top priorities going into this project was to analyze customer data to better track the impact being created.

Inkomoko partnered with Kathy Liu Silverman, a VP of Data & Analytics with experience in business strategy and sales operations in high-growth technology environments. Together, they:

• Defined key users of data and outlined use cases

• Designed a roadmap to build out data capabilities

• Outlined an implementation plan

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