Venture: Imagine Worldwide
Imagine Worldwide empowers children around the globe to build the literacy and numeracy skills needed to achieve their full potential.

Expert: Mindy Hsu
VP Supply Chain, Bright Machines

Imagine Worldwide partnered with Rippleworks to build reliable manufacturing partnerships.

More than 250 million children and youth do not have access to school. Hundreds of millions more go to school but never learn to read or write. Imagine Worldwide addresses these challenges through child-directed, tech-enabled learning. Their model enables students to build foundational literacy and numeracy skills in-school or remotely by using high-quality software on a portable tablet device that is charged by solar power.

One of Imagine Worldwide’s top priorities going into this project was building the tools to identify, develop, and manage a manufacturing partner for Malawi. 

Imagine Worldwide partnered with Mindy Hsu, an experienced leader in operations and supply chain management. Together, they:

• Defined an RFQ process and negotiated a contract with a high quality partner.

• Evaluated current partnerships and refined their contractual requirements and selection criteria.

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