Venture: iFarmer
iFarmer is an agri-technology company that helps small-scale farmers maximize their profits.

Expert: Rupalee Ruchismita
Research Director, Policy and Innovation @ Center for Growth Markets, UC Berkeley
• Founder, Resilience Design and Research Labs

iFarmer partnered with Rippleworks to build a roadmap for a small-scale farmer credit risk score.

Almost 80% of the smallholder farmers in Bangladesh are unbanked, and must rely on informal sources of capital. With no access to affordable credit or high-return investments like hybrid seeds, fertilizers, machinery, and medicine, the possiblity of a lifetime of poverty is real for Bangladesh’s 16.5 million farmers.

With the agri-financing that iFarmer provides, small-scale farmers can maximize their profits. iFarmer helps farmers sell their produce directly to institutional buyers. They put farmers at the center of their work, and ensure that the 55,000 small-scale farmers that currently use iFarmer’s platorm have the inputs, services, training, and support to make better decisions.

One of iFarmer’s top priorities going into the project was developing a farmer credit risk score to unlock $10M in farmer financing, and increase the number of small-scale farmers with access to affordable financing by 2025.

iFarmer partnered with Rupalee Ruchismita, an experienced and passionate leader in building global partnerships and designing human-center solutions. Together, they:

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