Venture: IDinsight
IDinsight helps development leaders maximize their social impact.

Expert: Andrew Sandler
Director of Innovation and Experience Strategy at Adobe
• Director of Product Design, Groupon
• Sr. Director of Design and User Experience, Eventbrite

IDinsight partnered with Rippleworks learn best-in-class product development skills

IDinsight is a global advisory, data analytics, and research organization that helps development leaders maximize their social impact. They tailor a wide range of data and evidence tools, including randomized evaluations and machine learning, to help decision-makers design effective programs and rigorously test what works to support communities.

IDinsight’s top priority was learning software product development skills to help build a self-serve monitoring evaluations toolkit. IDinsight partnered with Rippleworks to learn best-in-class product development skills to support the construction and launch of their new Impact Measurement Guide.

IDinsight partnered with Rippleworks Expert Andrew Sandler, a user experience leader with decades of experience heading teams at Adobe, Grand Rounds, Groupon, Eventbrite, Walmart Labs, Salesforce, and eBay. Together they:

• Learned best practices for managing software development processes with a third party

Defined a decision-making matrix; defined and prioritized user personas

Learned how to prepare for design and UAT phases; designed metrics to assess product launch success

Developed a high-level work plan and timeline for version 3.0 of IDinsight’s Impact Measurement Guide (including a shortlist additional product features for future development)

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