Venture: Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
HOT provides map data that revolutionize disaster management; reducing risks, and saving lives.

Expert: George Roter
Managing Director at the Canada Plastics Pact
• Director of Open Innovation, Mozilla
• CEO, Engineers Without Borders Canada 

HOT partnered with Rippleworks to design a scalable organization structure primed for growth

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) enables communities, NGOs, international organizations, and governments to use and contribute to OpenStreetMap. HOT’s global network has mapped more than 150 million people worldwide, engaging more than 200,000 volunteer contributors in over 50 countries through agencies like the Red Cross and United Nations to respond to more than 92 disasters and crises.

HOT’s top priority was expanding its team to meet a five-year goal of mapping 1 billion people across 94 countries. HOT partnered with Rippleworks to define the organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities to enable scaling their operations and team from 128 people to 180 people by 2021.

HOT partnered with Rippleworks Expert George Roter, an organizational leader and former Ashoka Fellow who brought decades of experience from Engineers Without Borders Canada and the Mozilla Foundation. Together, they:

• Designed a restructured organization matrix that increased decentralized decision making

• Created four new roles and defined their responsibilities; defined a Regional Coordination Council and Regional Expansion Task Force

• Revised annual OKRs and created a matrix reporting approach for implementation

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