Venture: Healthy Learners
Healthy Learners trains teachers to monitor and respond to the health needs of their students.

Expert: Ravi Poruri
Senior Director of Platform Engineering at Cisco
• Global Head of BI and Data, Dropbox
• Director of Data, Chegg 

Healthy Learners partnered with Rippleworks to design strong and scalable data systems

Healthy Learners brings healthcare to schools across Zambia by training teachers to actively monitor and respond to the health needs of their students, providing health education, basic medical care, referral of sick children, and preventative health programs. Healthy Learners programs have been shown to lead to positive health outcomes including a 38 percent reduction in disease morbidity and a 52 percent decrease in the odds of a child being stunted.

One of Healthy Learners’ top priorities going into the project was expanding to reach 750,000 students in 600 schools across Zambia. Healthy Learners partnered with Rippleworks to design data architecture and systems that make up a strong and scalable data foundation that grows with their organization.

Healthy Learners partnered with Rippleworks Expert Ravi Poruri, a platform engineering and technology executive who brought decades of experience leading engineering and data organizations at Cisco, Dropbox, Chegg, and Yahoo. Together, they:

• Designed high-level data architecture to enable collection and organization as the team’s quantity of data increases

• Defined key solution requirements based on current operating model and future needs

• Evaluated third-party vendors based on a new requirement scorecard

• Selected a vendor to implement the new architecture according to a forward-looking implementation plan

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