Venture: Grupo Murlota
Grupo Murlota is a social enterprise that focuses on the food security of Mexico.

Expert: Hugo Bernardo
SVP Experience Solutions, GMR Marketing

Grupo Murlota partnered with Rippleworks to develop a marketing plan for a new product.

Grupo Murlota addresses food insecurity and malnutrition in rural Mexico by empowering disadvantaged communities through innovative agricultural practices. With a focus on egg production, they aim to enhance food sovereignty and rural incomes by providing support throughout the production and marketing process. Unlike traditional subsistence farming programs, Grupo Murlota assists farmers in scaling up their operations and accessing larger markets, primarily through a cooperative model.

One of Grupo Murlota’s top priorities going into this project was developing a marketing plan for a new product.

Grupo Murlota partnered with Hugo Bernardo, a tech leader and B2B marketer. Together, they:

• Learned best practices for connecting product development strategy to execution

• Gained effective tools and methods for a scalable product development organization

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